You can download the forms you need (such as Class/Clinic/Event ENTRY FORMS and also MEMBERSHIP FORMS on this page - please scroll down... 

There are a number of ways to register for an event or clinic:-

1. The quickest way is to fill in the online form, which can be accessed here: ONLINE CLINIC ENTRY FORM

2. However if you have any questions or need to submit any extra information on the form, then you may wish to print off the form, fill it in on paper and post it back.  (This is also ideal if you are sending with a cheque). If this is the case, use the PDF version below.  Thank you. 

3. EMAILING FORMS BACK TO ORGANISER - If your preference is to fill in a WORD entry form and email it back to the organiser, please contact the organiser directly as we are unable to upload Word documents to the website. 

Size : 384.795 Kb
Type : pdf
GVRC Membership form 2017.pdf GVRC Membership form 2017.pdf
Size : 318.962 Kb
Type : pdf
crosscountryform.pdf crosscountryform.pdf
Size : 175.619 Kb
Type : pdf

Downloadable information 

2016 BRC Riding Hat Standards (1).pdf 2016 BRC Riding Hat Standards (1).pdf
Size : 515.021 Kb
Type : pdf